About Us


The name of processing “what comes from nature” with preserving all its natural forms is ART. And Necdet Bükey A.Ş. with its 40 years of experience is very proud of being a part of it.

N. Bükey A.Ş. is a family run company, was established in Izmir, in 1965, by Necdet Bükey, a well-known businessman.

N. Bükey A.Ş., being a leader in the production of organic goods as spices, herbs, herbal tea, fruit tea and vegetable oils is one of Turkey’s first pharmaceutical, nutraceutical product producers. N. Bükey A.Ş. has canalized its efforts towards organic farming, to protect ecological life, the natural resources and the bio-diversity, aiming to leave a healthy environment for the following generations.

The company has started its organic agricultural production in 1990 with a single project, which had developed into several in the following years. In its organic pilot farm N. Bükey A.Ş. is also producing organic fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, seeds, poultry, beef, eggs and dairy products. The production in the farm, as well as the production in the company is being done with the cooperation of registered, internationally known inspection institutions.

N. Bükey A.Ş. has broadened its production line adding more technological products.It is the first company producing expeller oils in Turkey.

Although cold pressed oil production is yielding little produce, it is the best method to achieve a healthy, high quality oil production. As they are not heat-treated and have no contact with chemicals during production, these oils can be used for pharmaceutical and for cosmetic purposes.

A healthy diet; which is essential for the physiological development, the prevention of diseases and which supports the efficiency of medical treatment is based on consuming high quality proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals in sufficient amounts.

N. Bükey A.Ş., whose one of the primary goals is to protect human health, has a product line consisting of nutraceutical oils and granules with reduced fat and rich in protein. Above mentioned essential food products which are produced preserving their natural forms are oils as soybean, flax seed (linseed), sesame, nettle seed, pumpkin seed, apricot kernel, laurel seed and granules as soybean, flax seed and nettle seed both in granule and powder form.

Its qualified technical staff in two processing plants covering 11000 m² produces all these items, which are licensed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. The organically certified and licensed products of Necdet Bükey A.Ş. are being sold in pharmacies and drugstores under the trademark BÜKAŞ.